Picture the Future of Mobility

What jobs are opening up in the mobility industry and are we ready for this transition?

Picture the Future of Mobility

In the mobility sector, like many other industries, we are struggling with a shortage of qualified labour. This is already a problem today and will become even more so in the future. It is well known that in the coming years we will primarily lack employees who have the right training to design, build, maintain, operate and further develop means of transport and infrastructure. We are aware that there is a gap, but do we really know what training content and capacity we need to advance and sustain the mobility industry?

But do companies know what new occupations and jobs are emerging that don’t currently exist and how can we prepare for them? Have we perhaps underestimated the speed of change in the industry so that we may not be able to offer certain mobility services in the near future because we lack systems technicians, engineers and data engineers, for example?

It is clear that the battle for qualified, clever, hard-working and willing to learn minds in the mobility industry will not be an easy one. Together with the ÖVG – Österreichische verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, Women in Mobility Austria and Community Creates Mobility, we want to get to the bottom of these questions and discuss your experiences and expectations of the jobs of the future in the mobility industry and make concrete recommendations for action.

Images of the future – we need you!
Tell the community in short impulses which questions and solutions are currently occupying you and what you are researching or would like to research. Tell us about your day-to-day work and the topics where the changing labour market in the mobility industry is already present today. Give our discussion and our panel a brief on what next steps need to be taken so that we are prepared for the future. You have 3 minutes and 1 picture / drawing / photo to bring along. Submissions are possible here until 29 February. The final confirmation will be sent by 2 March.

Picture the Future of Mobility

  • Date: Monday, 18 March 2024 at 5:30 pm
  • Location: ÖBB Open Innovation Factory
  • Free participation via link



  • 17:00 Admission
  • 17:30 Welcome & opening
  • 17:40 Impulse: Picture the Future
  • 18:00 Panel discussion with high-calibre guests
  • 18:45 Closing and networking


We look forward to exciting insights and outlooks into the future of mobility jobs,
the organisation team

Picture the Future of Mobility




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