Together we are writing mobility history

We are bringing the future to life: fictional stories are describing how we want to experience mobility in the future – visionary, creative and courageous.

Mobility of tomorrow

With a bold vision, a whole lot of creativity and a large portion of courage, we want to shape the image of tomorrow’s mobility. With the help of storytelling, we are conjuring up ideas that will move us in our everyday lives and on our journey into the future.

(Short) stories about mobility in the future

by co-authors from the entire community

Storytelling as a tool

Creative addition to the stories
with illustrations by artists

First book edition created by 20 authors

available spring 2024 as a hardcover book and e-book

Shaping the future

Now available: the 2nd edition of our book!

Since December 2024 it is finally here: the second edition of the book “Our mobility of the future” by Community creates Mobility.

  • Over 200 pages with 29 stories about the mobility of the future
  • 25 authors with courage, vision and creativity
  • Available as an e-book and in printed form
  • Illustrations as accompanying inspiration

Discover the many different approaches to a successful mobility transition.

2. Auflage des Community Buches


Do you want to be a co-author for the next edition?

The 3rd edition of the book “Our mobility of the future” is in the starting blocks and brings a multitude of dreams and visions about the mobility of the future on paper.

Until spring 2024, you can send us your own (short) story or add it directly to the “living” online document. We will keep you up to date on the next steps.

Shaping mobility together
A movement to change mobility sustainably.