Innovation Camp

SME training program for digital and fair mobility

Focused on designing fair mobility solutions – from behavior change, equal access to sustainable infrastructure.

Training program:

Trends such as electrification, sharing and AI-supported mobility models are omnipresent. This program was developed by experts from the community and the Institute for Advanced Studies. It focuses on how to develop mobility solutions that benefit society while having less of a negative impact on the environment.

Tailor-made training program

for SMEs in the mobility sector and their employees and managers

Valuable knowledge and tools

for the further development of services and products in the areas of urban mobility, transportation and sharing models

5 forward-facing workshop modules

combining aspects of equitable change with digital skills

The modules of the Mobility Innovation Camp cover:

Transformative skills

Digital skills

Technical skills

Traditional skills

Developed by and with:

 Supported by:

Shaping mobility together
A movement to change mobility sustainably.