Deep-Dives zu aktuellen Themen der Mobilität

Immersion into specific issues from various perspectives of the mobility industry, aiming to create in-depth involvement and the exchange of experience and know-how.

Learning journey on mobility topics:

We highlight one key topic per event from various perspectives. People from different backgrounds are invited to speak about this current topic or issue. Through their presentations and the joint discussion, we obtain a holistic picture of the respective mobility topics.

Relevant and current mobility topics

Insights and joint discussion on relevant questions and topics

One topic from many perspectives

with people from companies, start-ups, the public sector, academia and civil society

Generation of a broader knowledge base

on topics from various areas of the mobility world

The process:

1 theme per event, current and relevant mobility topics

3-4 expert impulses from various perspectives (e.g. science, companies, civil society)

Discussion and exchange with the community

Thursdays, 2-3 times a year, 2 hours

Previous topics:


Can sustainable travel feel like a vacation?

Reconciling mobility, vacation feeling and sustainability – is that possible?


Paradigm shift

How realistic is the transformation of city-highways?


Forced mobility

Mobility in case of a disaster – examples from Ukraine & Japan


Corona & mobility

Where are we headed?

Bisherige Themenschwerpunkte:


Post Corona travel

Is everything going to stay different?


Mobility & shopping

In times of the pandemic


Climate ticket - and now?

Once demand and need are met, everyone is happy?!


Air mobility

What will change in our lives and when will it happen?

Shaping mobility together
A movement to change mobility sustainably.