The Community Orchestrators

Joint commitment and community management from diverse mobility backgrounds: a community is more than the sum of its pieces. Different characters, areas of work and backgrounds united in a common vision. We create, plan and learn together.

Our team

Hello, we are the people behind Community creates Mobility. As orchestrators, we are the necessary “backbone” of the ecosystem. We work hard to develop the community and its focus topics, as well as ensure basic functions take place, such as meetings, event formats and mailings.

We are characterized by our commitment, diversity and our different perspectives and approaches in order to contribute added value for the entire community.

Afamia Jaddah

Computer Scientist

Anna Gerhardus

Institute for Advanced Studies, fiz – Research Institute for Civil Society

Evelin Wandl-Vogt

Ars Electronica, URBANITARIAN Civil Society

Kambis Kohansal Varjargah

WKÖ Startup-Services

Shahrom Sohi

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Diedo Ladstätter

ÖBB Immobilien

Melanie Fischer

ÖBB Open Innovation Community

Max Lammer

Employee Experience Expert

Claudia Falkinger

Women in Mobility

Peter Schindlecker

ÖBB Open Innovation

Martin Posset

thinkportVIENNA, BOKU

Marc Sarmiento

Österreichische Post (Austrian Mail Service)

Sabine Prettenhofer

ÖBB Open Innovation Factory

Martin Giesswein

Digital humanist, author, faculty member WU Executive Academy

Alex Ulz

Creators Expedition – an AVL Initiative

Our doors are open

As a team, we have already achieved a lot and still have a lot to do. Join us as an Orchestrator and help shape the future.