Mobility Manifesto

The basis of our collaboration

The manifesto co-created by the community forms the basis for our activities and is constantly being developed and refined.

Goals of the manifesto

We want to develop mobility for our future in a holistic and socially responsible way. That is why our community has drawn up this manifesto to anchor our principles of cooperation and content design.

Creating a common understanding

of the future of mobility in Austria and beyond its borders

Basis for cooperation between various stakeholders

to make mobility as accessible as possible for everyone – because it is a common good

Shaping a social movement

to initiate public debates, identify open questions and possible solutions

The five key areas:

Physical space & infrastructure

Focus on needs

Costs & necessity

Sustainability & protection of the future

Mobility ecosystem


You can find the full manifesto here:

Shaping mobility together
A movement to change mobility sustainably.