Shaping mobility for everyone – together. 

Community creates Mobility is the ecosystem for fair mobility. Our vision is to shape mobility as a common good and to achieve a holistic understanding of a desirable and sustainable future of mobility. 


Because mobility affects all of us.

Mobility is a key contributor to our quality of life. Because it affects us all, we see mobility as a common good. The joint design of intelligent mobility solutions is essential for the mobility transition. For this to succeed, we need a strong common understanding, a push towards more collaboration and a shared vision for the future of mobility.

The basis

mobility as a societal mission and responsibility.

The approach

Democratizing innovation processes.

The necessity

We can only create the mobility of tomorrow together.


Innovative mobility has many facets

In spring 2019, mobility designers launched this joint movement “Community creates Mobility” to create fresh impulses for new mobility concepts. Our network brings together diverse perspectives and expertise from established companies and start-ups, scientific and public institutions, as well as the civil society and is enjoying steady growth.

Übersicht über die Community Zielgruppen: Wissenschaft, öffentlicher Sektor, Zivilbevölkerung und Unternehmen / Startups

Launch of the initiative





The activities of our community

Mobility Manifesto

Basic document as the foundation of our collaboration

Open Innovation Factory

Physical co-creation spaces for mobility designers

Community Book

Our stories about the mobility of the future

Learning Journeys

Deep dives on current
mobility issues

Community in Action

Individual sessions on specific mobility projects

Mobility Innovation Camps

SME training program for digital and fair mobility


Our events at a glance


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Shaping mobility together
A movement to change mobility sustainably.