The “Mobil Heustadel” project: Empowering sustainable mobility through collaborative learning

Exciting news from the world of education and mobility innovation! Our latest project, “Mobiler Heustadel,” in cooperation with the University of Vienna is making waves in sustainable mobility through collaborative learning. Let’s explore the transformative journey of students and scholars in shaping the mobile future of Heustadel.

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Project highlights:

🌱 Sustainable Mobility: bridging the gap between education and real-world solutions, our project emphasizes the vital role of sustainable mobility in today’s dynamic landscape.

🎓 Collaborative learning: students and scholars engage in constructive learning experiences, applying the innovative “JustHood” methodology to address systemic societal challenges with a spatial equity context.

🎨 Innovation on the move: witness students shaping the mobile future of heustadel through creativity and innovation, fostering a new generation of thinkers and doers.

Course overview:

📚 Educational goals: the project aligns with the UNESCO declaration, promoting cultural diversity, environmental justice, and participatory futuring in the context of mobility.

🤝 Collaborative partnerships: the collaboration between the University of Vienna, AHS Heustadelgasse, and URBANITARIUM brings together diverse perspectives to address mobility challenges.

🌐 International impact: the project, introduced by URBANITARIUM – future living as a service in Austria, draws on experiences from urban co-design initiatives in Poland and Spain.

How you can get involved:

📆 Save the date: Join us for the grand finale on February 2nd, 14:00 – 15:30, at the ÖBB Open Innovation Factory, where students will showcase their project results.

🤝 Collaborate with us: we invite you to explore the project’s vision, connect with our partners, and contribute to the discourse on sustainable mobility.


🙏 We appreciate the support and critical feedback received during the project’s development. Special thanks to our partners: University of Vienna, AHS heustadelgasse, ÖBB, Community Creates Mobility members and URBANITARIUM – future living as a service.

Stay connected:

🌐 Project website

🔗 Justhood

🔗 Presentation on URBANITARIUM

Let’s together shape the future of mobility, one collaborative project at a time! 🚀

Mobilität gemeinsam gestalten 
Eine Bewegung, um Mobilität nachhaltig zu verändern.